Look out for our specialist workshops on Saturday & Sunday afternoons from 12.30pm onwards. These will include guest presenters, lengthened classes and workshops of a specialist nature.

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*Please note, all workshops are non-refundable & non-transferable*

Aerial Hammock Tricks

with Lorna Mackinder

Saturday 21st March 2020:

1.30pm – 2.30pm £22

Aerial Slings are large hammocks of fabric which hang from the ceiling allowing you to make shapes, wraps, and perform tricks in the air. The sling offers the support to use gravity to stretch out in each position, it can be far more comfortable than other aerial equipment. However it also challenges flexibility when moving through the equipment, and requires strong grip and forearm strength!

Traditionally used for Aerial Yoga the sling offers support and rest positions (comparable to an aerial hoop or trapeze), whilst allowing you to use the fabric similarly to the aerial silks, which is much more demanding on the upper body. The sling is a great tool in getting started on the aerial fabric, and is a useful training aid for those already working on the silks, as it offers excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place, and looking fabulous!

This workshop will teach you the various tricks for mounting and inverting on the sling, and create beautiful wraps and shapes in the fabric. Lorna will teach you to climb, wrap and drop in the fabric, to create beautiful rolls in the air and to increase your trust in your equipment.

For those experienced in aerial yoga this workshop will build upon some of your traditional postures to perform them in a more dynamic way, utilising your strength to make movements smooth and strong. For experienced aerial yogis, the challenge lies in keeping a constant flow through transitions, especially whilst spinning, which looks and feels amazing once mastered!

Aerial Restore & Relax

with Natalie Green

Saturday 28th March 2020:

2pm – 4pm £25

Be kind to yourself in this restorative workshop in the hammock & discover the therapeutic benefits of Aerial Yoga. Aerial Restore is gentle, meditative, slow & rehabilitative. It is suitable for everyone whether you have never done Aerial before or you are an expert.
In this workshop the hammock is hung about a foot off the floor and you will enjoy relaxing in to the postures, melting and drifting away any mental or physical tension.
We will finish with an extended Aerial shavasana.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga Bootcamp (Fast & Slow)

with Lucy Hayward

Saturday 25th April 2020:

1pm – 3pm £15

All your favourite bits of Freestyle Fitness Yoga in an extended Bootcamp!
You can expect 90 minutes of:
*Sun Salutations
*Fitness Drills
*Energising Flows
*Challenging Balance Flows
With a relaxing 30 minute passive stretch session at the end to release tightness & tension of the connective tissue.
Similar to the popular Yin&Yang style of traditional yoga. This FFY version will look at it from an Anatomy & Physiology perspective.

Relaxed Body, Peaceful Mind

with Nicky Kendrick

Sunday 26th April 2020:

1.15pm – 3.15pm £15

Using our yoga practice we will work to release tension and increase well-being. Starting with active yang asana, moving into yin, with some pranayama, meditation and a long relaxation….maybe yoga nidra if time allows.

Yoga On The Ball

with Lisa Jane Making

Sunday 3rd May 2020:

1.15pm – 3.15pm £25

It’s a little different, but it’s still yoga. We still practice the all important pranayama, asana and of course there is a beautiful long savasana, but the practice is on/with a stability ball.
Finding your core strength to stay balanced, we explore the how the ball can help us to go deeper into postures exploring asana in a different way, with a few giggles along the way.

Monthly musicals – Mamma Mia!

with Natalie Green

Saturday 16th May 2020:

1pm – 2.15pm £12

Come and join us for this one hour tutorial where you will start by learning the dance routine & finish by performing the whole routine together. A must for all the dancing queens! No dance experience required.

2 Hour Tai Chi Practise

with Eric Wainwright & Robin Tapp

Sunday 17th May 2020:

1.15pm – 3.15pm £15

Come and perfect your Tai Chi in this 2 hour class. Eric & Robin will be there guiding the session and ready to answer any questions about the sequence that you have.

Forest Yoga

with The National Trust

Saturday 6th June 2020:

10am – 4pm 

In partnership with the National Trust we are excited to deliver FOREST YOGA. More details coming soon!

Freelance Fitness Yoga Bootcamp

with Lucy Hayward

Sunday 7th June 2020:

1.15pm – 3pm £11.25

You asked for it…we listened and delivered!
90 minutes of all you know and love from a regular FFY class…
Will include:
Sun Salutations (lots of them)
Yoga Fitness Drills
Upper body strength work
Technique Clinic

Monthly Musicals – Cabaret

with Natalie Green

Sunday 13th June 2020:

1pm – 2.15pm £12

Wilkommen! What good is sitting alone in your room, why not join us for this dance workshop? Life is a Cabaret old chum, bring your jazz hands, come hear the music play & dance your cares away. Come to the cabaret!!!
We’re not bothered if you can dance just come and enjoy yourself.

Ashtanga Yoga – Arm Balances

with Janaka Thenakoon

Sunday 14th June 2020:

1.15pm – 3.15pm £25

Ever seen someone doing Crow Pose, Bakasana & wondered, “How do they do that?”, well let Janaka show you and teach you how to do it. We will look at postures that will aid you to do arm balances as well as the postures themselves.

Vinyasa Groove

with Sarah McClaughlin

Saturday 20th June 2020:

1pm – 2.30pm £15

Do you love music, movement and yoga? Well then why not put the three together. Sarah will deliver a workshop over an hour and a half where she will break down a yoga flow into sections, working this into our chosen song in nice steady chunks, before flowing through the whole thing to end the session. Don’t worry there will be practice runs.
Designed to be fun and light hearted it would be good to have a regular yoga practice to take part but all welcome.

Floating Sound Bath

with Craig Eddington

Friday 26th June 2020:

8pm-9pm £20

A Gong Relaxation Sound Bath is a fantastic way to leave behind the stresses of modern life. It is also a great introduction to Sound Healing and Sound Therapy.
The Gong is played gently along with Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls. The captivating tones will lull you into a deep, restorative, relaxation.
There are a number of health benefits associated with achieving this state of deep relaxation: lower blood pressure, increased blood circulation, balancing of the nervous system, reduced mind chatter, better sleep patterns.
Some people gain mental clarity or feel very energised by the sessions. The session may even enhance your creativity. Some people also experience a reduced sense of pain, plus relief from symptoms of ongoing medical conditions and illnesses.
The sound helps to induce our natural relaxation response, taking us out of ‘fight or flight’ mode and into our restorative, parasympathetic state.
Participants generally leave with a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity and a reduced sense of stress, anxiety or worry.
A Gong Relaxation works on all levels of your being – mind, body, soul & spirit. The sound vibrations will provide a ‘sonic massage’ to your physical self and subtle energy fields, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and restored.
Participants are encouraged to bring a blanket, a pillow or anything else you might need to make yourself cosy. Also, if you are unsure of the hammock feel free to grab a mat and get comfortable on the ground instead.

The Saturday workshops are brilliant. It's a lovely place. Very welcoming. I wish it was closer as I'd do so many of the classes

Nikki Anson

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