Look out for our specialist workshops on Saturday & Sunday afternoons from 12.30pm onwards. These will include guest presenters, lengthened classes and workshops of a specialist nature.

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*Please note, all workshops are non-refundable & non-transferable*

Family Yoga (Age 5 upwards) SOLD OUT!!!

with Sarah McLaughlin

Saturday 1st February 2020:

1.30pm – 3pm 

£6.50 per child or per adult (Minimum 1 child & 1 adult)

Come and join us for an afternoon of family yoga, a chance to practice with your little ones.

Yoga is great for the whole family and a lovely way to encourage children to not only slow down but also to enjoy some mindful movement and exercise.

Sarah is a 250hr qualified vinyasa flow and children’s yoga teacher. Working alongside a number of schools in Leeds and teaching the kids classes here at the Sanctuary, she will ensure the children learn yoga in a fun and friendly environment, whilst the adults get to do a little practice as well.

Open Aerial Practice

with Lucy Hayward

Sunday 2nd February 2020:

12pm – 1pm 


Available to people who have done at least 6 Aerial Yoga classes here at Sanctuary. An hour for you to come and practice any tricks, flips, moves or stretches you feel you need extra time to work on outside of class. An instructor will be on hand to help or assist you without this being a guided class.

New Year Yin & Yang – Release and Revitalise

with Eloise Ridge

Sunday 2nd February 2020:

2.15 – 4.15pm 


According to Eastern wisdom, everything is made of a balance of opposites – yin and yang. In the West, we live in a non-stop ‘yang’ culture, without much yin, and our tendency to rush around can lead to us feeling exhausted and on edge. In this Release and Revitalise workshop, we’ll look at the concept of yin and yang in our minds, energy systems and bodies, enjoying a practice based on both. Starting with a series of grounding and calming Yin postures to ease our bodies and minds into a more dynamic Yang practice.

Find Your Inner Warrior

with Lucy Hayward

Saturday 8th February 2020:

1.30 – 3.30pm 


This 2 hour interactive workshop will break down the well known warrior pose and its many variations.
We’ll look at technique, the anatomy and physiology of each position and explore the alignment options so you feel confident to freestyle and find the perfect pose for your individual body!

You will be encouraged to ask questions, experiment with different styles and challenge the yoga terminology you hear in your every day classes!

Finishing with a challenging warrior flow sequence and a well deserved relaxation.

Monthly Musicals – Footloose

with Natalie Green

Saturday 15th February 2020:

1.30pm – 2.45pm 


Wanna cut loose? Come and lose your blues in this Monthly Musical Dance workshop. Kick off those Sunday shoes and come and learn the steps to this energising routine. No dance experience required. All we ask is you come, have fun and dance like no one’s watching!!!

Aerial Trapeze – Letting go, living lighter

with Gabi Cooke

Saturday 29th February 2020:

1.30pm – 3.30pm

3.30 – 5.30pm 


Join Gaby for this 2 hour informative and immersive aerial flow workshop in digging a little deeper into techniques that allow us to feel more radiant and bright day to day. The class will begin with movement assisted by the aerial sling and elements of vinyasa flow with the theme of detoxifying. This will lead us into a conversation about ayurveda & rituals we can incorporate into our lives to keep ourselves feeling fresh in body and mind and some discussion on doshas, our personal body constitutions or needs for wellness. We will finish with a restful mediation. Gaby has recently trained in meditation and ayurveda in India and is excited to share her findings with you all!

Open Aerial Practice

with Natalie Green

Saturday 7th March 2020:

1pm – 2pm 


Available to people who have done at least 6 Aerial Yoga classes here at Sanctuary. An hour for you to come and practice any tricks, flips, moves or stretches you feel you need extra time to work on outside of class. An instructor will be on hand to help or assist you without this being a guided class.

Make A Deeper Connection With Your Yoga Practice

with Janaka Tennakoon

Sunday 8th March 2020:

12.30pm – 2.30pm 


Did you know that originally the purpose of practising Yoga was to prepare the mind and body for meditation? In this workshop we will look at how we can bring our focus inwards, deepening our practice, becoming more mindful and relaxed whilst doing our standing, seated & lying asana (postures).
Janaka, as always, brings his traditional teaching methods, sense of humour and knowledge of Yoga philosophy making this a workshop not to be missed!

Monthly Musicals – We Will Rock You

with Natalie Green

Saturday 14th March 2020:

1.30pm – 2.45pm 


Don’t have mud on your face or be a big disgrace, come and get your Rock on, dancing to the sounds of Queen. Free your mind in this Saturday afternoon, feel good dance session. No dance experience required.

Regain Your Life!

with Susan Dellanzo

Sunday 15th March 2020:

12.30pm – 2pm 


Learn how you can successfully deal with difficult relationships. 9 times out of 10 relationship challenges are a communication issue.

People just want to be loved & appreciated for who THEY are & not what YOU expect!

Aerial Hammock Tricks

with Lorna Mackinder

Saturday 21st March 2020:

1.30pm – 2.30pm £22

Aerial Slings are large hammocks of fabric which hang from the ceiling allowing you to make shapes, wraps, and perform tricks in the air. The sling offers the support to use gravity to stretch out in each position, it can be far more comfortable than other aerial equipment. However it also challenges flexibility when moving through the equipment, and requires strong grip and forearm strength!

Traditionally used for Aerial Yoga the sling offers support and rest positions (comparable to an aerial hoop or trapeze), whilst allowing you to use the fabric similarly to the aerial silks, which is much more demanding on the upper body. The sling is a great tool in getting started on the aerial fabric, and is a useful training aid for those already working on the silks, as it offers excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place, and looking fabulous!

This workshop will teach you the various tricks for mounting and inverting on the sling, and create beautiful wraps and shapes in the fabric. Lorna will teach you to climb, wrap and drop in the fabric, to create beautiful rolls in the air and to increase your trust in your equipment.

For those experienced in aerial yoga this workshop will build upon some of your traditional postures to perform them in a more dynamic way, utilising your strength to make movements smooth and strong. For experienced aerial yogis, the challenge lies in keeping a constant flow through transitions, especially whilst spinning, which looks and feels amazing once mastered!

Aerial Restore & Relax

with Natalie Green

Saturday 28th March 2020:

2pm – 4pm £25

Be kind to yourself in this restorative workshop in the hammock & discover the therapeutic benefits of Aerial Yoga. Aerial Restore is gentle, meditative, slow & rehabilitative. It is suitable for everyone whether you have never done Aerial before or you are an expert.
In this workshop the hammock is hung about a foot off the floor and you will enjoy relaxing in to the postures, melting and drifting away any mental or physical tension.
We will finish with an extended Aerial shavasana.

I visited for the first time this week and really enjoyed the Pilates class. It’s a beautiful studio with super helpful and friendly staff and I’m looking forward to trying more classes!

Corinna Nicol

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