Hi, I’m John Auty – Sports Masseur

Hi, I’m John, Sanctuary’s new resident Sports Massage Therapist. I have always been very keen on being physically active. In my teens I was a competitive track and field athlete, competing in the pole vault. My passion in this lead me to attend University where I attained a BSc Hons degree in Sports Science. I later joined the fire service, where I’ve proudly served West Yorkshire for 20 years. I’m also a PTI on station. The job can be very physically demanding at times but I keep fit with CrossFit, Weight training, Bouldering and over the last 18 months Yoga and Pilates which I absolutely love! It has opened my eyes to preventative measures in staying healthy and injury free. I feel sports massage compliments this wonderfully. So if you are carrying tension or tightness within your muscles, I will happily offer my services.

Sanctuary hooked me instantly with the Aerial workshop on opening weekend. Natalie and Carol are both brilliant at instructing and deliver a good workout with a fun element. I have been doing Aerial yoga once a week since the opening and can honestly say it doesn’t take long to build confidence and trust in the hammock. Each session has different challenges so it is never boring. I am loving getting upside down in many different ways. It is a great experience and leaves you feeling exhilarated. There is a warm and friendly vibe from entering to leaving the studio. The on line booking app is easy to use and there are flexible payment options. Try a class you won’t be disappointed.

Dawn Patricia Clark

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