Hi, I’m John Auty – Sports Masseur

Hi, I’m John, Sanctuary’s new resident Sports Massage Therapist. I have always been very keen on being physically active. In my teens I was a competitive track and field athlete, competing in the pole vault. My passion in this lead me to attend University where I attained a BSc Hons degree in Sports Science. I later joined the fire service, where I’ve proudly served West Yorkshire for 20 years. I’m also a PTI on station. The job can be very physically demanding at times but I keep fit with CrossFit, Weight training, Bouldering and over the last 18 months Yoga and Pilates which I absolutely love! It has opened my eyes to preventative measures in staying healthy and injury free. I feel sports massage compliments this wonderfully. So if you are carrying tension or tightness within your muscles, I will happily offer my services.

Reasons I love the Sanctuary;
They have a huge variety of classes available at all times of day, 7 days a week making it so easy to fit a class into the day.
Natalie and Carol are amazing teachers.
All the staff are so friendly and helpful and always make you feel welcome.
They offer classes you cant get anywhere else in Wakefield.
Everyone should try Ariel Yoga, I highly recommend it. Barre Pilates is a great workout and has become my favourite class. Trigger Point Pilates really helps to relieve muscle tension. All classes are great and challenging in the right ways.
I highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to do Yoga or Pilates!

Charlotte Wood

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