Relationship, Health & Lifestyle Coach – Susan Dellanzo

Relationship, Health & Lifestyle Coach - Susan Dellanzo

Personal Profile

Susan Dellanzo is an International Relationship, Health and Lifestyle Coach who is dedicated to empowering and making a qualitative difference in the lives of people globally. Also a Speaker and Author, Susan works with clients imparting a depth of knowledge and skills in how to overcome adversity, reduce stress, resolve conflict, improve relationships; as well as optimising physical health, vitality and mental wellbeing.

Born and raised in the UK, Susan is a truly global woman. Having lived and worked in various countries worldwide and speaking several languages, she has an incredible ability to understand and relate to people from all cultures and backgrounds. With a lifelong interest in wellbeing, health, beauty and the mind-body connection, Susan’s love for personal transformation has led her to attend many international personal development programmes worldwide and to be trained and certified by top international coaches. Her inspiration for Universal Laws, emotions and human behaviour has seen her coach people from all over the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Australia and South Africa. Susan works with clients either one-on-one, in private and/or corporate workshops, or online via Skype, providing solutions to assist them raise the quality of their lives by reducing stress levels, by understanding and improving their relationships (self, personal, business and corporate conflict) and by optimising health awareness.

With her extensive experience, Susan also assists women (and men) in overcoming adversity and empowering themselves in order to live a more inspiring and magnificent life. With her intuition and wisdom, and having personally experienced what it’s like to go through numerous life-changing situations, the value of Susan’s coaching is priceless!

To book a session with Susan please call 01924 609677.

Been to Pilates and Aerial Yoga now, thoroughly enjoyed both. Nat was our teacher for both and she’s brilliant 🙌🏻 it’s fun and a great workout. I’m not very coordinated but do my best, it’s always great fun!

James Tattersfield

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